Via del Sale (All Mountain)

1 day

4.00 pm Arrival at Villa Giada Resort

check-in and accommodation in the apartment.

5.00 pm Aperitif and Briefing with the guide with verification of the bikes for the tour.

7.00 pm Typical Ligurian dinner at the restaurant A Cassa Garba

2nd day

7.00 am - 8.30 am Breakfast at Villa Giada Resort

9.00 am Departure from Villa Giada Resort to Limone Le Marmotte Refuge, 1800 m.


arrived at the Colle, on a paved road, a long and exciting off-road stretch begins. Go up to the Fort 800 military fortification (2000 m), near the Colle and take a panoramic dirt road. Following various ups and downs along the Italian ridge of the Italian-French border we reach Colle della Perla and Colle della Boaria. Start a landscape of rocks that characterize the Marguareis group. You arrive at Colle dei Signori, where the Barbera refuge is located: from here we start a climb of about 3 km to reach the Framagal Pass with a panoramic view up to the Ligurian Sea. We begin a slightly downhill stretch passing through the Colle delle Selle Vecchie and heading to the woods of the Parco delle Navette which we cross for about 15 km with a typically alpine thick vegetation. On leaving the forest we are fascinated by the sight of Monesi surrounded by its mountains and on the top of one of them the Statue of the Redeemer stands at an altitude of 2164 m. Continue into the valley and begin a 7 km climb to reach the Statue of the Redeemer. We continue on the ridge for about 2 km to reach the Rifugio La Terza where we will spend the night.

We will dine in the Refuge with typical dishes of the White Kitchen, the ancient kitchen of the shepherds who lived in the mountain huts.

3rd day

7.00 Alarm clock to see the sunrise at 2000m

8.00 am breakfast

9.00 am departure

We return to the statue of the Redeemer and walk 2 km down the road already faced. take the detour to the left for the Tanarello hill going down 6 km on the French side that will take us back to Italy on the Colleardente pass. continuing on the right, we will mostly circle the Upper Argentina Valley for about 10 km uphill towards Bassa di Marta where we can admire the remains of World War II barracks. With a small detour of 2 km on our itinerary we reach the Balconi di MArta, a fortified complex in the cave of the western Alpine Vallo dating back to 1940, from which we see the entire Val Roja and in the distance our starting point Il Forte Centrale.

We leave and continue towards the nearby Monte Gray where there is another large barracks that overlooks the Colle Melosa and the Tenarda dam which we will reach with a descent of about 5 km, the last stretch of dirt road.

At Colle Melosa we stop for a coffee before facing the paved road towards Molini di Triora for 17 km. At this point we take the valley floor for 25 km towards Arma di taggia where we will enter the cycle path by the sea to return to Villa Giada Resort .


  Distance: 61 km - 38 mi
  Uphill altitude difference: 592mt - 1942 ft
  Maximum altitude: 123mt - 404 ft
Highlights e Climbs

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