Beaches of Riviera

Our advice on beaches that you can't miss.

Sand Beaches

  • Borgo Marina: the sandy coast full of free and equipped for a fee. Crowded beaches, but ideal for those who want to have fun playing football and wave games. Parking available in the area, 10 minutes from Villa Giada.
  • Baia Salata: equipped sandy beach, affiliated with Villa Giada and with indoor bar. Parking available in the area, free transfer to / from Villa Giada, 5 min from Villa Giada


  • Borgo Foce: free beach on the rocks of the jetty and equipped beach on the coast with bar / restaurant. Parking to look for nearby (ztl area), 10 min from Villa Giada
  • I Balzi Rossi, in Ventimiglia: beach of stones, also known as "beach of eggs". Its characteristic features are the rocky rocks that surround it, rich in Paleolithic history. Parking to look for nearby. 47 min from Villa Giada

Beaches and Rocks

  • La Galeazza is a pebble beach a little further away from the crowded beaches. Its characteristic is the rock in the middle of the sea loved by those who want to experience the thrill of a dive from above. Free beach, with parking a few steps away, 20 minutes from Villa Giada
  • Porteghetto (Cervo): equipped beach with restaurant. Possibility of free beach on rocks. 30 minutes from Villa Giada. Parking to look for nearby.
  • Torre di Prarola: a Saracen tower from the 1700s, it can be reached by swimming with a few strokes, or with a somewhat sporty walk among the rocks you can admire its grandeur from the bottom upwards. Recommended: all year round! Free parking a few meters away, in the Borgo prino area

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