Wine Cellar

Villa Giada's cellar is stocked only with wines from Liguria.We have selected the best labels of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente and its hinterland, and created our own label "Villa Giada Resort"The main wines of our cellar:
  • White wines
Pigato: It is a wine with a straw yellow color which, if aged, tends to become golden yellow; it has a sapid and dry flavor, aromas of Mediterranean scrub and yellow pulp. Of remarkable elegance.Pairings: appetizers, excellent with Ligurian Trofiette and fish main courses
Vermentino: Clear straw yellow with greenish reflections, sometimes golden, it has a fruity aroma and a fresh and almost sapid taste.Pairings: Excellent with fish and shellfish
Lumassina: Straw yellow color, with dry taste and generally marked acidity; it has a delicate scent of yellow plum.Pairings: appetizers such as the fisherman's salad, simple pasta dishes and second courses such as fried fish.
  • Red wines
Rossese: it is a ruby ​​red wine with a sapid and fragrant taste. Dry from the taste it has a bitter aftertaste.Pairings: first courses such as pasta with meat sauce, and second courses of meat
Ormeasco: wine with a bright ruby ​​red color, dry taste, slightly bitter and with a moderate body.Pairings: excellent with meat main courses.
Even the beers are 100% Liguria. Craft beers produced by a local brewery.

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