electric road bike rental

Improve your training with an assisted racing bike. You can also tackle the toughest climbs and jump back on the next day.

Driving quality: COMFORT AND TRUST
The "e-Roadbike" is an agile bike on the plain that allows you to tackle the toughest climbs while maintaining a strong sense of safety downhill. Suitable for untrained cyclists who want to run even on long distances, it is designed to make pedaling more than 25 km / h smoother, reducing atrites.

The carbon frame allows to keep the weight between 13 and 15 kg. Excellent power to weight ratio thanks to the 60 Nm motor: agile and reactive.

Accessories and safety: CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU
Recent models, the "e-Roadbike" bikes are equipped with double bottle cages, puncture repair kits, lights and safety accessories. They can be customized by modifying the handlebar stem pipe and the seat holder tube. It is advisable to bring your own pedals (alternatively available for hire).
Sizes: M-L, L-XL.
Starting from: € 25.00 * per day, € 169.00 * per week.
* Rates may vary based on the period requested. Limited availability.

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