Monte Faudo Single Tracks

Once you reach the church of Santa Brigida 448 m, you start along the dirt road that goes up to the Casone dei Partigiani, leaving a dirt road on the right that runs flat. At the junction below the Casone dei Partigiani, continue on the dirt road (right) for about 1.5 km. The almost flat course allows you to catch your breath before tackling the Salita dei Frati, where the road begins to climb with steep slopes (for short stretches) up to the Passo di Vena, at an altitude of 969 m. From the pass, continue left for about 1 km, on a slightly level road.

At the next junction take the "asphalted" road to the right and, again on steep slopes, after 500 m you reach the summit of Monta Faudo 1149 m ..

There are various possibilities for the descent

At first you go free in the middle of the meadows up to the junction for the Castellaro road (Province sign), from where, immediately on the left, begins an evident path that leads back to the Casoni dei Partigiani. It is a rather technical path with some passage difficult to overcome in the saddle. At this point, after leaving the single-track section, follow the cemented road until you cross the road for which you have climbed.

Immediately after the cement fountain, on the right there is an evident trail (white and red trail signs) that runs along a beautiful ridge, characterized by typical rock passages, slabs, fixed stones, and even some easier mule tracks. Follow it up to a hairpin bend that intersects the uphill road, from here continue along the mule track on the right that leads back to Santa Brigida.

Right in front of the church take a mule track through the olive trees which, with an endless series of steps, hairpin bends and deviations leads to the paved road that goes up from Dolcedo. To avoid a part of asphalt you can take a detour to Dolcedo signposted with the MTB sign (be careful in following the small signs).

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