"Salto nel Blu": a launching pad over the sea in the Dianese Gulf: a compact ramp of earth and rock that, for a fraction of a second as long as a whole life, makes the air soar high enough not to show anything but the blue of the sea, as if there were no longer the earth of the path.Single track mainly driven with some parabolic structures in wood and earth about four kilometers long, the Antenne route can be tackled in at least four variants.
"Wild Board trail": is the longest Trail in the Dianese Gulf Bike Park. It starts with a stretch of mule track (the Pratini) and then reaches the Park with over 20 jumps in succession between drop and natural (and non) kicks: Step-up, step-down, double and a brand new triple are waiting for you.

Cipressa: From Cipressa, following the crest road on a wide dirt road, we arrive at the San Salvatore pass and, from there, it goes up to Monte Faudo, crossing the Dolcedo forest and descending to Civezza and then back to San Lorenzo al Mare. Alternatively you can descend on single tracks or dirt road to Pietrabruna, thus avoiding the climb to the summit and, in this way, cross and admire the historic Ponte Merea (XIII-XIV centuries) and then finally reach Civezza and finish the tour .

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