Enduro Freeride rental

Excursion and perfect geometries that ensure maximum performance.

Driving quality: COMFORT AND TRUST
The Santacruz Hightower is the versatile bike par excellence with two wheel sizes and an excursion and perfect geometries that ensure maximum performance. The bike adapts to any driving style and to any path in the world, in fact it is ideal for anyone looking for a weapon to overcome any obstacle, but at the same time, a sprint that 27.5 wheels cannot give you.

The model c uses a slightly less valuable carbon, but still manages to have an almost unique weight and rigidity.
The VPP has 135mm of travel and the carriage stroke has been increased to 148mm with the link layout aesthetically very similar to the Nomad.

Sizes: XS, M-L, L-XL, XL-2XL.

Starting from: € * per day, € * per week.
* Rates may vary based on the period requested. Limited availability.

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