Gravel Bike Rental

Wider tires, antivibration frame and customized geometry Gravel is a bike that will take you where you want to go: a Gran Fondo, an epic Tour or a long ride on the weekend!

The versatile bike, suitable for every type of cyclist.

Comfortable and soft on the holes.

The low bottom bracket allows for an excellent center of gravity and excellent weight distribution.

Carbon frame and fork, rigid where needed but absorbent in the right places.

The head tube is differentiated, 1.5 "-1.1 / 8", with a rather relaxed angle compared to traditional racing bikes.

disc brakes, 29 'tires

Carbon frame, ultegra group.

customizable steerer and steering tube

sprocket set 11-32

Driving quality: COMFORT AND TRUST
The Gravel is a bike you will trust and have fun on all types of routes. Its geometry was designed for cyclists who want to run on long routes and uneven paths; designed to make pedaling more fluid; wider tires (up to 32 mm wide) increase comfort and traction.

Driving a slow and tiring bike is not fun. The carbon frame is at the same time light and rigid where it must be. This excellent balance between stiffness and weight translates into a bike that accelerates quickly: agile and responsive.

Easy to use: BUILT FOR YOU
User-friendly features include: disc brakes, down tube protection and a chain guard to prevent damage to mixed surfaces

Size: M, L, XL. 
Starting from: € 39.00 * per day, € 199.00 * per week.
* Rates may vary based on the period requested. Limited availability.

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