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Mountain Bike

From the mountain to the sea, riding in the Ligurian Alps

Could be the undertow to attract you towards the sea? Or more simply the relief thinking of the sea water touching you feet and relieving the tiredness of your ride. From the Alps to the sea, the view from the top is amazing. In just one day you ride among steep crests, woods of firs and larches, soft slopes animated by centuries-old olive groves, sank into strong fragrance of the Mediterranean region: welcome to the Italian Riviera. Different landscapes, joined with a net of single tracks already used in the Middle Age to carry salt and oil. Trails which have a story to tell, the Cannoniera (more than 1660 metrs on the sea level)path built by order of Napoleon Bonaparte, transhumance ways used even today to bring flocks to pasture. Don’t overlook flavours such as the one of Ormeasco wine and of extra virgin olive oil. We suggest you to try also the Via del Sale, Via Marenca, Alta Via Monti Liguri, Nava freeride and Monte Faudo trails, the Cervo ‘Salto nel Blu’ (Jump into the Blue). Villa Giada Bike Resort is ready to help you discover a ‘vergin’ region where you can ride 365 days a year.

Tour MTB - (Minimum 5 maximum 15 Bikers per guide, tour from 4 o 7 days)

Stage 1: 15 Single traks in just one day. In Nava you will ride up and down the whole day on single tracks accurately made and suitable for any bike. Shuttle service

Stage 2: Santa Brigida - Monte Faudo. Tour enduro in the area of Monte Faudo where you will ride among Val Prino trails with difference in altitude in climb and slope. Shuttle service

 Stage 3: Jump into the Blue. Freeride in Golfo Dianese on breath-taking tracks on the sea, with shuttle service

Stage 4: Italy France. Tour enduro in the Ligurian Alps (Garezzo, Fronte’, Monte Saccarello). You will ride in the mountains between Italy and France on the old military trails. Shuttle service

Stage 5: Freeride Colle di Nava. We bring you to the amazing tracks in Valle dei Forti to continue the discovery of new trails

Stage 6 From the Alps to the Sea. Shuttle transfer to face the last day in MTB on the ancient path of Via Marenca. From 2400mt to the sea, riding for about 50 km


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Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike


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